Talking about its history, the Kundan jewellery style was brought to India many centuries ago, where it thrived under the Mughal rule.

It was then adapted by the royal families of the country. This is why traces of art and craftsmanship from the Rajput and Mughal eras are still found in Kundan jewellery. 

Kundan jewellery is a lot more versatile than gold jewellery when it comes to the traditional style of jewellery. The amalgamation of intricate designs and impeccable shine makes it a perfect pick for weddings. Today, most brides opt for this style of jewellery for their D-day as it imparts a royal look when combined with their bridal ensemble. 

In subtlety, Kundan is the right blend of beauty, elegance and fashion. Not only can it be worn with Indian/traditional outfits, but nowadays women can be seen donning it with western attire too.

Here’s How To Style A Kundan Set With Your Outfit.

 1. Pick a Perfect Kundan Set 


If you explore the market, you’ll find hundreds of types of Kundan sets, in various designs and colours. However, finding the perfect one is like hitting a jackpot. You’ll definitely like numerous designs. But the best is the one that doesn’t divert your attention from you. You wouldn’t want everyone to only have their eyes glued to your jewellery, and not you. 

2. Mix & Match to Create an Elegant Combination

As per the newest fashion trends, Kundan jewellery’s game has been upped to an entirely new level. Kundan sets are available in a wide range of motifs that are easily paired with each other. There are many designs that are embellished with precious & semi-precious stones that can instantly amplify your overall personality. Therefore, you can combine different pieces instead of wearing one single Kundan set. 

 3. Match It with Your Outfit

The best part about any Kundan set is that it goes with every outfit. Usually, Kundan sets are studded with bright (off-white) stones which easily go with attire of any colour. However, you can be more versatile, and make it look like a part of your outfit as Kundan sets are also crafted using stones of different colours. These are available in pink, blue, red, green, purple, etc, so that you can match them with ease. 



Make sure you keep in mind your necklace while choosing your Kundan set. Long necklaces or broad chokers would go well with deep necklines, whereas slim chokers look beautiful with short necklines. If it's a boat neck, you can opt for heavy-looking earrings. 

 4. Match It to Your Wedding Theme

The wedding theme is a crucial part of the entire event. Kundan jewellery comes in a plethora of colours and designs to easily match your attire. Opt for a contemporary modern-day design or a traditional one, according to the theme of your wedding. Make sure it complements your wedding attire as well as its theme. 

Kundan jewellery is a perfect choice for people who are on a budget. Not only is it cheap, but real and quite elaborate. It does make a statement when worn correctly.