Shipping Policy

1.1 GlamSutra, with its registered address at Unit no 11A-B-C, Ground Floor, Iris Tech Park, Sector 48, Gurugram (Haryana), manages and operates the website, which allows users of the GlamSutra Platform to buy unique jewelry and accessories.

1.2 This delivery and shipping policy ("Policy"), in conjunction with the Terms, outlines our practices and processes for delivering and shipping Products ordered on Glamsutra.

1.3 Our items are shipped and delivered throughout India. We strive to give you the greatest customer experience possible by collaborating and working with leading logistics service providers to process your purchase as efficiently as possible and to ensure that you have a pleasant experience obtaining the Product you ordered from GlamSutra. We will make every commercially reasonable effort to guarantee that the Products are delivered to you on time.

1.4 You agree to be bound by the terms of this Policy without change by consenting to use GlamSutraand/or purchase a Product on Glamsutra. Every time you visit GlamSutra, we encourage you to read and understand the terms of this Policy. You should not use, access, or transact on GlamSutra if you do not agree to the terms set out in this Policy.


2.1 In order to transport and deliver Products to you, we work with third-party logistic service providers. You will be given an approximate delivery date for the Product you ordered from GlamSutra. When the order is verified by us, we will notify the user of the expected timeframe on the order confirmation page. We will also provide you information about your orders after they have been shipped to the e-mail address and/or cellphone number you provided/registered with us. You acknowledge and agree that, while we distribute Products to Users through our Logistic Partners, we reserve the right to ship and deliver Products without using any Logistic Partners or third-party service providers.

2.2. You accept and acknowledge that, while we make every effort to ship and deliver our items across India, we reserve the right to determine, at our sole discretion, whether locations are unsuitable for product delivery. In such instances, we or our logistic partners do not provide shipping and delivery services, and we may not be able to process your purchases on GlamSutra. In the case that a location is judged unserviceable by us, we will warn users at the time they place an order for Products on GlamSutra. You may also use GlamSutra to see if a location is unserviceable for delivery by entering the applicable area pin code.

2.3. You agree and recognize that we may enquire or collect particular information about you, such as your name, shipping address, billing address, location, contact information, and so on, in order to ensure timely delivery of the ordered Products to you. You are responsible for ensuring that any information you provide to us on GlamSutra is true, complete, accurate, and adequate to identify the actual delivery location. You accept that if we fail to deliver the purchased Products owing to your failure to submit proper, complete, adequate, and accurate information when placing the order, you will be solely responsible. It is further underlined that we will not be held accountable in any way or at any time if you fail to give accurate and complete information.

2.4. We shall make every effort to deliver the ordered Product to your specified address within the anticipated delivery timeline that you have been given. If you are not accessible or present to take delivery of the Product, our Logistic Partners will attempt to deliver the ordered Product(s) to you a maximum of 3 (three) times. If the third delivery attempt fails and you remain unavailable, we retain the right, at our sole discretion, to cancel the order for the purchased Products and process the return of such Products to us. We also have the right to deduct any shipping and delivery expenses incurred by us from any refunds issued following such cancellation.

2.5 While we make reasonable efforts to ensure that ordered Products are delivered to you on time and within the timelines provided to you, you understand and acknowledge that delivery may be delayed for the following reasons:

(a) Logistical issues beyond our control;

(b) Unsuitable weather conditions;

(c) Political disruptions, strikes, employees' lockouts, etc.;

(d) Acts of God such as floods, earthquakes, etc.;

(e) Other unforeseeable circumstances.

In the case of a delay, we will make reasonable efforts to notify you by writing to your registered email address and/or cellphone number. We disclaim any and all liability that may occur as a result of our failure to advise or warn you of any delays in the delivery of Products ordered on GlamSutra. Furthermore, we will not be liable to you for any claim that may emerge as a result of a delay in the shipment, delivery, or use of the acquired Products.

2.6. We strive to treat our Logistic Partners, workers, and agents with the utmost respect for ethics and integrity, and to conduct ourselves in a manner that emanates thorough professionalism, competence, and good manners. You agree and recognize that we have no control over the conduct or inactions of delivery personnel and that we are unable to supervise and watch each delivery executive. We shall not be liable for any acts or omissions on the part of our delivery agents, employees, or personnel and/or the Logistic Partner or their employees, agents, or personnel, including deficiency in service, wrong delivery of Product, time taken to deliver the Product, Product package tampering, and so on, because we are merely facilitating the delivery of a Product purchased by you. Any ill-manner, impoliteness, discourtesy, or offensiveness displayed by our delivery executives or the employees, agents, or personnel of the Logistic Partners is beyond our control, and any issue arising between you and our delivery executive or an employee, agent, or personnel of the Logistic Partner must be resolved by you, independently. You agree and accept that you will not hold us liable for any disagreements between you and the delivery employees who deliver the Products to you, nor will you need us to negotiate, arbitrate, or resolve any such disputes.

2.7. We execute such orders and give over the acquired Product to our Logistic Partner whenever you place an order on GlamSutra. Once the purchased Product is handed over to the Logistics Partner, the User will obtain a unique tracking identity number that will allow them to trace the status of delivery of the purchased Product. The User can monitor the status and position of the purchased Product and its projected delivery time using the tracking identification number on GlamSutraor the Logistic Partner's website and/or mobile application. Our customer care staff works closely with the Logistic Partners to guarantee that the Products are delivered to you as quickly as possible, and we make every effort to ensure that the Logistic Partners update the tracking status of the purchased Products in real-time. It is clarified that we use third-party service providers to carry out Product deliveries, and as a result, we cannot guarantee the accuracy or correctness of the tracking status, which may be subject to inconsistencies due to time delays in updating information and/or other technical difficulties beyond our control.

2.8. From time to time, we retain the right to charge or collect shipping costs on Products. Shipping costs may vary depending on the product's value, kind, delivery location, payment method, and other factors. You agree that we are permitted to collect the shipping and delivery payments for the Logistic Partner's delivery service on behalf of the Logistic Partner. If we charge shipping expenses for the delivery of a bought product, we will not reimburse those amounts in response to any return request made by you. However, in the case that a faulty, damaged, deficient, or erroneous Product is delivered (for reasons attributable to, and acknowledged by us after proper verification in our sole discretion), we may make an exception and reimburse the shipping expenses. You agree and accept that upon delivery of the bought Products to you, the title and risk of any Products ordered by you will transfer to you.

2.9. Our reverse-Logistics Partners facilitate the return of bought products. Our reverse-Logistics Partners will contact you to recover the purchased Products after we get a request for the return of the Product on GlamSutra and it has been officially recognized by us. In compliance with our Cancellation, Return, and Refund Policy, we process returns and exchanges of bought Products.

2.10 From dispatch to delivery of the shipment usually takes 2-7 day working days. However, due to unforeseen circumstances, it may take a longer time than what it takes usually.


Any questions or issues about the shipment and delivery of Products under this Policy should be sent to our customer service staff, which may be reached at the following contact information:

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